Yoga for Autism Spectrum

Yoga helps to deepen the breath, calm the senses and center the mind. When a child feels more comfortable in his/her body, it is easier to control behavior, learn new skills and enjoy social interactions. Yoga also helps to build strength, flexibility and stability in a way that creates a healthy body and a deeper mind-body connection. Each yoga class is customized to fully engage the child in order to address his / her individual needs.

Miki's yoga classes are focused on helping the child learn important skills such as:
* Build confidence and self esteem
* Reduce aggression and anxiety
* Regulate emotions and provides and outlet for stress relief
* Find joy in mindful body movements
* Reduce obsessive self-stimulatory behaviors
* Increase attention and focus

Yoga classes may be done in a private one-on-one setting, or in a small group.
Private classes are $65 for a 25-30 minute session. A group class for two is $90.
For more information, contact Miki: 408-3293592, or [email protected]